Who am I?


My goal is to inspire individuals and teams to develop a healthy, collaborative and continuous improved culture where experimentation is encouraged and crafting a high focus is appreciated.

My work as an agile coach is to enhance these perceptions: creating a better work-life and empowering people to grow.

I endeavor on sharing “Why” and “What” and let the teams figure out “How” they want to do it together. This approach has helped me to handle diversity and allowed me to encourage critical thinking, thoughts, and ideas for team building.

Throughout my 9 years of working experience in coaching, mentoring, facilitating and designing learning workshops, I always adapt a ‘can-do’ approach. The foundation of my success lies in my talent and passion for agile coaching. I believe that I can contribute to an agile culture with my positive energy and diversity of ideas and together we can create a better working environment.

I am a Certified Trainer “Training from the BACK of the Room” (TBR) Practitioner Class TBRLogoSmall






CSMScrum-Professional-Seal-smSCR20146-Seals-Final-CAL-01PSM 1



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