Talk: A nerd’s story from developing software to developing people – An Agile coaching journey

Regional Scrum Gathering, March 2019 India talk (given in the form of a webinar)

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Talk Description

In 2003, I started my first internship at a small company. It was simple and yet amazing to integrate different open source products into a working solution to provide customer value.

It was not a picture cut into the puzzle pieces and ready to assemble again, however, it required some code understanding and interface tweaks to make the user application flow smoother and easier.

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GoalStepper model- Dream big and achieve it with small steps and consistency

Dear readers. I have a confession to make. I have set goals in previous years which were not met, sadly. It was an exciting feeling when I planned, however, a sad feeling when time went away, just like that!

Have you ever observed a toddler, starts to walk and trembles down. But never loses the focus, starts with small steps to walk confidently one day!

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