It is the Psychological, not the Physical distance – working with Distributed Agile Teams

Have you worked with Distributed (Agile) Teams, what was your experience, what did you like most about it and what were the challenges?

Photo by Jason Rosewell

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Bring teams together by using Team Heart model

Have you worked with teams who lack understanding of each other and have miss-aligned expectations? In short, they are under-estimating each other’s potential and missing the opportunity to achieve greater things together. Continue reading to know how I experimented…

Team Heart Model

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IWA: How a video call can help to enhance remote working experience?

In a remote working environment, effective communication is key to the success of a team and keeping the people engaged and motivated. The video call is a great alternative for an in-person meeting where communication happens face to face using digital tools. Though it is often challenging to understand the complete body language of the participants. To set the right expectations, I think It is important that the team defines an understanding of how to use video while working remotely, as some people might be uncomfortable.

Some benefits that I see as an Agile Coach/Team member.

  • People see each other and it becomes easy to make a connection
  • It is possible to see how people are feeling, facial expressions and hand movements and gestures.
  • One can collaborate over video calls by explaining on paper or whiteboard, which will be hard to do over a voice call.
  • It can decrease “out of sight, out of mind” feeling

IWA: I was asked series

Hot Air Balloon Retrospective Model

Are you using any metaphor in your Retrospective meetings?

Using Metaphors in our conversations can help us to understand an object, conversation or action from a different perspective. They can also serve as a powerful tool leading us to think in new or a different way.

In this post, I will explain how to use the Hot Air Balloon model to use in a Sprint Retrospective event.

Hot Air Ballon

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