What is the difference between an Agile Coach and a Scrum Master?

From my experience, I see an overlap in the roles of an Agile Coach and a Scrum Master in an organization. Both complement each other and appreciate the Agile values, principles, and practices. However, the scope and influence of each role are different.

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Why is it important to understand the Agile mindset?

Let’s answer this question in two steps, first starting with building an understanding of an Agile mindset.

Step 1: What is an Agile mindset?

There are two explanations that have helped me to understand it. 

Definition 1- An Agile mindset is an approach to managing uncertainty (Ahmad Sidky)

  • Fail fast and learn fast that results in seeking learning opportunities
  • Decreasing uncertainty by exploring and learning
  • Learn and explore in an efficient way
  • Empower individuals and teams to use the collective wisdom
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