The real potential of Software Tester in Agile

AgilaSverige 2016 talk:

“Agile testing is gaining popularity in Agile ways of working. But has an agile tester realized true potential of this role? In my talk I will show how Tester’s role has evolved in Agile world as compared to traditional software development ways. We’ll take a look at where and how a tester can add value in software life cycle development phases to achieve quality. We’ll also go a step further and dive into the power of combining domain, technical and communication skills to be more effective tester — and how a tester can save money for company and have happy customers”

Watch at:

Slides (pdf): Testers realize your true potential in Agile world

Testers Meetup Lahore 3rd Edition

I gave the same talk at another event “Testers Meetup Lahore 3rd Edition” 25 Feb 2017

Slides (pdf) The real potential of Software Tester in Agile