GDPR and Software Quality

This is excerpt from my talk on “GDPR and Software Quality

I got a bit curious to learn about EU General Data Protection Regulation a.ka. GDPR and understand its possible impact on software quality from the Process and Test data perspectives. GPDR will be enforced by May 2018. I will write about it in my next upcoming post in detail. GDPR-Software Quality - Khurram Bhatti

If a company is using production data in Test activities to ensure software quality, then It is a Data Processor and hence required to safeguard Personal data.

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What business value Testing adds in a project?

In this post I will try to explain, reason and motivate the need of Testing  and business value it adds in a (software) project. The Test effort should be optimized to gain value, neither too less that ends up with low quality nor too much that misses the market time.

I think Test ensures that business value is delivered through good quality product. Testing is an investment that can help to avoid extra costs.

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The real potential of Software Tester in Agile

AgilaSverige 2016 talk:

“Agile testing is gaining popularity in Agile ways of working. But has an agile tester realized true potential of this role? In my talk I will show how Tester’s role has evolved in Agile world as compared to traditional software development ways. We’ll take a look at where and how a tester can add value in software life cycle development phases to achieve quality. We’ll also go a step further and dive into the power of combining domain, technical and communication skills to be more effective tester — and how a tester can save money for company and have happy customers”

Watch at:

Slides (pdf): Testers realize your true potential in Agile world

Testers Meetup Lahore 3rd Edition

I gave the same talk at another event “Testers Meetup Lahore 3rd Edition” 25 Feb 2017

Slides (pdf) The real potential of Software Tester in Agile

E.A.T approach for achieving software quality

Combining Exploratory and Automated Testing approaches

Finding the bugs in a software earlier can save time and money for a company. If there is fault slip through, then identifying the root case and doing respective changes in development can more cause time and money. Every tester, team and company targets to release a bug free product to it’s stakeholders — though it is a big challenge and developing a test strategy depends on project’s test needs and most importantly company’s quality mindset. Various testing approaches are useful for different testing levels.

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6 Benefits of using Exploratory Testing (ET) approach

Exploratory Testing
Bug hunt with Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing (ET) approach has gained focus and popularity in recent years. There are more studies and has received professional attention from industry too. I think, ET approach acts like a power to a tester, but power comes with responsibility as well, it’s a great opportunity and freedom for tester to explore and identify areas for quality improvement. Tester has the advantage to demonstrate own skill set, knowledge and experience from different perspectives and help improve the quality of system under test.

You as a curious tester have been using exploratory approach unconsciously in your test activities, just give it a thought.

ET has been known as simultaneous learning, test design, test execution and test analysis — a way to define this approach. Over time, the definition of ET has emerged from an error checking technique to a defined testing approach. You can find all the definitions since 1988 on James Bach blog.

From my personal experience, observations and discussion with ET practitioners,  I would like to highlight 6 benefits of using this approach, even though there are many more. These benefits are related directly or indirectly to testers, teams and management. Continue reading

How to prepare and pass ISTQB® Agile Tester Extension Certification Exam

[Are you interested to pass the certification exam?

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ISTQB agile testing

In SEP 2015, I took the ISTQB® Agile Tester Extension certification exam and gladly passed it. I searched on the internet if someone has shared his experience but there wasn’t any post that describes all the steps but I did receive helping comments to achieve this certification.

So I decided to write this post to put the points in one place so you can gain some understanding. I have tried to link to the material or reference that you can browse to get more details. (If you find something invalid or incorrect please don’t hesitate to contact me)

IMP: ISTQB® Agile Tester Extension is different than Certified Agile Tester (CAT) – iSQI – International Software Quality Institute GmbH

OBS! In this post, I have discussed below topics. This post might be long but puts everything in one place.

A. An overview of ISTQB® Agile Tester Extension

  1. What is ISTQB® Agile Tester Extension
  2. Entry criteria
  3. Objectives of Agile Tester Extension Syllabus
  4. Benefits of ISTQB® Agile Tester Extension
  5. Is Agile Tester Extension for you?

B. How to Prepare and Pass the exam

  1. Study material to prepare for exam
  2. How to book an exam
  3. Exam Structure
  4. Exam Tips

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