IWA: How a video call can help to enhance remote working experience?

In a remote working environment, effective communication is key to the success of a team and keeping the people engaged and motivated. The video call is a great alternative for an in-person meeting where communication happens face to face using digital tools. Though it is often challenging to understand the complete body language of the participants. To set the right expectations, I think It is important that the team defines an understanding of how to use video while working remotely, as some people might be uncomfortable.

Some benefits that I see as an Agile Coach/Team member.

  • People see each other and it becomes easy to make a connection
  • It is possible to see how people are feeling, facial expressions and hand movements and gestures.
  • One can collaborate over video calls by explaining on paper or whiteboard, which will be hard to do over a voice call.
  • It can decrease “out of sight, out of mind” feeling

IWA: I was asked series

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