With these powers combined I am Scrum Master!

It is always exciting to bring back childhood memories. Often, I watch cartoons that I used to watch during my childhood. One of my favorite ones was Captain Planet. and I have been a committed planeteer as well.

Since I am working with Agile software development, I wrote a song for our lovely Scrum Masters our there, after getting inspiration from Captain Planet lyrics.

So here it is…







With these powers combined, I am Scrum Master!


Scrum Master, he is our hero,

Gonna take the software development waste down to zero,

He’s our powers magnified,

And he’s fighting on the Agile’s side


Scrum Master, he’s our hero,

Gonna make the Scrum team in joyful pursuit of high performing

Gonna help him put asunder,

Traditional methods who like to predict and plan blunder

“You’ll pay for this Scrum Master!” – Waterfall 


We’re the Agilists,

You can be one too!

Cause Agile software development is the thing to do,

Low-quality product and the long feedback loop is not the way

Hear what Scrum Master has to say:



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