With these powers combined I am Scrum Master!

It is always exciting to bring back childhood memories. Often, I watch cartoons that I used to watch during my childhood. One of my favorite ones was Captain Planet. and I have been a committed planeteer as well.

Since I am working with Agile software development, I wrote a song for our lovely Scrum Masters our there, after getting inspiration from Captain Planet lyrics.

So here it is…






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GoalStepper model- Dream big and achieve it with small steps and consistency

Dear readers. I have a confession to make. I have set goals in previous years which were not met, sadly. It was an exciting feeling when I planned, however, a sad feeling when time went away, just like that!

Have you ever observed a toddler, starts to walk and trembles down. But never loses the focus, starts with small steps to walk confidently one day!

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Welcome! Agile People Pakistan (APP)


The Agile journey (img unsplash.com)

WHY? A vision to spread the awareness of Agile in Pakistan, build a platform to connect Agile practitioners and Agile bodies, share knowledge and help each other to grow.

Isn’t Agile about collaboration and not living in silos? It is not yet another group but rather a platform to share what’s happening in the Agile world in Pakistan (and abroad) and Agile practitioners get more exposure.

Empower your teams for business agility and improved work-life balance with less stress and more innovation!

The aim is to keep the communication ongoing along with other Agile events.


Visit AgilePeoplePakistan.com.
The first foundation stone is the online Slack (AgilePeoplePakistan.slack.com) group.


Some benefits of joining this online community of practitioners;

  • Build your network by getting to know other Agile practitioners in Pakistan,
  • Share your knowledge and experience and get help with challenges you are facing while introducing Agile methodologies
  • Enhance your knowledge through learning resources on Agile,
  • Become aware of Agile and other events happening around you

A community is driven by the community. Support it by joining, be part of this Agile journey!


The name inspiration is from agilepeoplesweden.com

My Agile and Scrum journey so far and its impacts on me

So here are some thoughts about my Agile journey and its impact on me (as part of my CSP application)

Some high-level thoughts.

  • Hello, Agile and Scrum
  • My insight into learning and overall understanding and appreciation of Agile/Scrum ideas?
  • What have I really taken to my heart and mind as I embrace Agile/Scrum concepts?
  • How using Agile/Scrum has changed the way I view work?

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” —African Proverb.

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A facilitation guide – Team Building for Distributed Agile Teams, It is the Psychological, not the Physical distance

A facilitation guide for Team Building for Distributed Agile Teams (DAT). It might be helpful for someone working with remote teams and want to break the ice among teams.

My philosophy is that to build innovative software products, a company need to focus hans-dorries-180013and allocate time for building Team(s) as well.

Yes, that’s what I think when building and working with Agile Teams, both co-located and remotely distributed. It is the Psychological, not the Physical distance. It is a great interest for me to understand Team dynamics and foster psychological safety as well.

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It is the Psychological, not the Physical distance – working with Distributed Agile Teams

Have you worked with Distributed (Agile) Teams, what was your experience, what did you like most about it and what were the challenges?


For me, I have worked with remote teams earlier as well, however, recently I have started working extensively with Distributed Agile Teams and the experience has been so far fulfilling and really interesting.  I am working as Agile/Scrum coach, and building the sense and feeling of “Team” for people sitting in the remote location is challenging and exciting as well.

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GDPR and Software Quality

This is excerpt from my talk on “GDPR and Software Quality

I got a bit curious to learn about EU General Data Protection Regulation a.ka. GDPR and understand its possible impact on software quality from the Process and Test data perspectives. GPDR will be enforced by May 2018. I will write about it in my next upcoming post in detail. GDPR-Software Quality - Khurram Bhatti

If a company is using production data in Test activities to ensure software quality, then It is a Data Processor and hence required to safeguard Personal data.

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