What business value Testing adds in a project?

In this post I will try to explain, reason and motivate the need of Testing  and business value it adds in a (software) project. The Test effort should be optimized to gain value, neither too less that ends up with low quality nor too much that misses the market time.

I think Test ensures that business value is delivered through good quality product. Testing is an investment that can help to avoid extra costs.

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The five Scrum values in Scrum Guide 2016

The five Scrum valuesThe five Scrum values (Commitment, Focus, Openness, Respect, and Courage) were mentioned in Book Agile Software Development with Scrum (by Ken Schwaber, Mike Beedle) but the values were not part of official Scrum guide. These were added upon a suggestion by Iain McKenna (Oct 23, 2014) on Scrum guide User Voice. Users have commented and voted it to be part of the Scrum guide 2016.

There are NO other changes in Scrum guide and by adding “The Scrum values” I think it
makes the Scrum guide more clear. On three Scrum pillars (Transparency, Inspection, and Adaptation) these values create a focused and fun to work environment. An environment where teams embrace changes, care and respect each other. More interaction and communication is appreciated.

five Scrum valuesScrum is considered as a framework for developing and sustaining complex products. The Scrum values act as a heart, pumping fresh blood to the rest of framework and respective processes and methods defined by the team. The team members can use these values as a guiding star to make a decision that benefits individual, team and project toward achieving the common goal. These values, I think are important for a successful implementation of Scrum and make more sense.

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The real potential of Software Tester in Agile

AgilaSverige 2016 talk:

“Agile testing is gaining popularity in Agile ways of working. But has an agile tester realized true potential of this role? In my talk I will show how Tester’s role has evolved in Agile world as compared to traditional software development ways. We’ll take a look at where and how a tester can add value in software life cycle development phases to achieve quality. We’ll also go a step further and dive into the power of combining domain, technical and communication skills to be more effective tester — and how a tester can save money for company and have happy customers”

Watch at: https://agilasverige.solidtango.com/widgets/thumbnail/ne8qpvgw

Slides (pdf): Testers realize your true potential in Agile world

Testers Meetup Lahore 3rd Edition

I gave the same talk at another event “Testers Meetup Lahore 3rd Edition” 25 Feb 2017

Slides (pdf) The real potential of Software Tester in Agile